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Safe Dentistry

We are committed to providing you and your family with the safest possible dental environment. As such, we go to great lengths to ensure that the procedures performed in our office comply with the most stringent of guidelines. Safety protocols such as infection control procedures, low dose x-ray exposure to proper handling of mercury waste just to name a few.
A clean healthy office is important to us. We are enrolled it in the Biosensor TM** sterilization monitoring program. For the protection of our patients and staff we utilize this system to ensure effective sterilization procedures. This prevents cross-contamination and promotes infection protection.

We have made a specific effort to ensure we follow all of the ADA best practice methods for a mercury safe environment. In order to ensure our methods are effective we have had our office independently inspected by Mercury Instruments USA.
Radiation is something we are all exposed to on a daily basis living in the mile high state. Keeping your radiation exposure to a minimum in our office is our goal. We not only use the typical lead apron used in most dental offices we also utilize a thyroid shield. We diagnose x-rays on an individual basis and take into consideration your individual risk factors for decay and gum disease. If you’d like more about the steps we take to ensure your family is receiving nothing but the very safest dental care we invite you to call our office